Power Generation Services

Red Sea offers a broad spectrum of innovative products and services, and we are one of the leading service partners for ensuring high reliability and optimal performance of power equipment within the utility, oil & gas, and industrial processing industries worldwide. Most of the remote locations will need to rely on diesel power generation to operate their camp.

We provide complete power generation and distribution solutions designed to requirements, from 20KVA to multiple auto-synchronized generation sets of 250KVA or more. Distribution boards, cables and end-user facilities are designed according to the Plug-and-Play principle to facilitate redeployment. These generator sets feature fully weatherproofed enclosures that incorporate internally mounted exhaust silencers, making them ideal for providing a comfortable, peaceful use at a sprawling festival where the music, and not the generator sets, must take center stage.

  • Packaged primary and auxiliary power plants in soundproof containers
  • Skidded Support Units with Primary and Auxiliary Plants and Propane
  • Free Standing and Tow behind soundproof plants
  • Sizes from 20kw – 500kw Packaged Power Plants Turnkey rental power during construction and commissioning
  • Quickly and easily installed and connected
  • Quick response and delivery of turnkey power packages during emergency and unplanned outages
  • High voltage rental power generation for onshore and offshore
  • Double bunded environmentally friendly fuel tanks and fuel management
  • Turnkey power generation during planned shutdowns or maintenance
  • Rental power packages for man-camp sites
  • Easily maintained