Red Sea Housing Services Full-service Housing Solutions

For more than 4 decades, Red Sea Housing Services has been providing full-service housing solutions to customers around the world. We have demonstrated our project management capabilities in both rural and urban settings in more than 65 countries, providing high-quality manufactured housing solutions and customized turnkey services to meet the needs of our customers. See examples of how Red Sea Housing Services has provided industrial housing solutions for customers in the oil and gas, power and mining sectors in various corners of the globe.

Over the decades, Red Sea Housing Services has completed over $1 Billion worth of projects in 65 countries inside our market area of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The following is a summary of ongoing and past projects, which have an individual value of US$1,000,000 or more. In Addition to the major clients listed hereunder, Red Sea Housing Services has completed or is in progress with numerous contracts of smaller sizes with clients in the engineering, construction, oil and gas and mining industries.