Modular Buildings, Affordable Housing and Building Materials Solutions

Modular buildings

Red Sea manufactures a range of standard and bespoke modular buildings that meet building codes and international standards, architectural appeal, and operational requirements equivalent to traditional construction. The construction is off-site in factory-controlled environment, allowing for a more sustainable building process with waste avoidance upstream, quality control and testing, and reduced site disruption and disturbance. Additionally, the reduced construction time ensures at least 50% faster occupancy and thereby faster ROI than conventional construction.  Red Sea is  able to construct multi-level steel frame buildings with concrete floors, and fire-rated walls to be stacked to 12 levels for sectors:  View RSHS Work Portfolio in detail:

  • Retail & Hospitality - hotels, motels, restaurants, diners, villas, malls, stores, and sales centers
  • Education - schools, classrooms, offices, universities and student accommodation/dormitories, child care centers, nurseries 
  • Health - medical clinics, buildings for medical facilities and hospitals
  • Commercial  - office buildings, administrative complexes, security and control units
  • Residential  - student housing, retirement living, worker accommodation (Learn more about our Affordable Housing Division), villa developments, low-rise/mid-rise apartments

Corporate housing

Red Sea has an excellent reputation for designing, planning, producing, managing, leasing, and operating housing solutions for local and international corporate clients. These are equipped with specialized utility units like water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, power generation plants, fuel/water storage tanks, chiller/freezer, fire suppression systems, and incineration units, to ensure availability of all elements to deliver projects according to client specifications – within budget and in the stipulated time. These accommodation camps serve the workforce across industry sectors, such as:

  • Oil & Gas, Mining: rig camps, worker accommodation, operation and control centers, equipment shelters, offices
  • Industrial / Manufacturing  - electrical & instrumentation shelters, warehouses
  • Government & Military – high security buildings, blast resistant facilities

Industrial hospitality

We also provide on-site facilities management including services like catering, security, and laundry are offered. We offer 2 business models: 

  • Build, Own and Operate (BOO): These are designed for accommodating senior and junior staff in localities where quality accommodation is in short supply. Accommodation packages - long and short-term - are made available for industrial sectors like Oil & Gas, and Mining.  In addition to supplying residential and office needs, these compounds include restaurants, laundry, recreation facilities, security services, entertainment, and dependable communications facilities, and catering capacities of 3,000+ meals per day.
  • Build and Operate (BO): Remote site accommodations that are leased to customers for a specific period of time, fully managed by Red Sea International on request by clients. These are generally purpose-built facilities with all services provided by a professional workforce. The company operates and maintains the facility over the course of the lease, and upon expiration of the contract all the buildings and infrastructure are removed – salvaging whatever can be relocated. The buildings and equipment are refurbished and sold or held in inventory until a new lease is secured to start the cycle over again.

Building Materials

Red Sea International expanded its activities beyond modular construction to building materials through RSBM with the production and distribution of paint and coating products. Products include architectural paint and industrial and marine coatings. Learn more about our Building Materials Division.


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