Specialized housing solutions for water utility providers

As urbanization spreads, the demand for water increases across the globe, and more and more utility providers are on the lookout for fresh sources of water. As you focus on tapping new sources, Red Sea offers cost-effective workforce housing that is customized to meet the needs of your workers and specialized to meet the demands of climates anywhere in the world. 

Whether your operations are in the deserts of Mexico, or the tundra of Canada, our turnkey workforce housing solutions provide your workers with the amenities and comfort that research has proven to increase productivity while reducing attrition, sick days, and accidents on the job. Our site installation and commissioning services empower you to meet critical business needs anywhere in the world, regardless of the volume or complexity. 

Specialized Products, Project Units, and Services for Waterline Projects 

The experience and expertise that Red Sea possesses in the Waterline projects enables us to portray an array of products, project units, and services that specifically apply for each of these sectors.

Services Offered: 

Project Units Applicable: 

Accommodation unit, Hospital/clinic/medical facility, Labor camp, Dormitory, Office unit, Dining area, Recreation unit, Kitchen unit, Lavatory unit, Guardhouse, Drill/rig camp, Generator unit, Reverse osmosis plant, Wastewater treatment unit, Water storage, Water treatment unit, Power generation plant, Relief housing facility, Heavy-duty unit, Diesel tank.

Products Utilized :

Steel Rolling Roughneck, Sitemaster 25 Seaway 10 Series, Sitemaster 25 Seaway Series, Sitemaster 25 Roughneck Series, Steel Roughneck Series, Firemaster 60 Series, Sandwich Panel

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