Operational and Maintenance Support for Airbases

We provide operational and maintenance services to support Airforce bases. We understand that the need to keep up the operational tempo and the pristine condition of such facilities is indeed significant, particularly due to international exposure. Red Sea has consistently achieved high customer satisfaction as evidenced through quality control audits and feedback reviews from our customers in the Defence segment.

Red Sea has the expertise and experience delivering a wide range of extensive technical and site services to exacting standards, including: 

  • Facilities management – our broad range of services to ensure a safe and efficient facility include:
  • Fully equipped dining facilities, recreation units, hangars, and administration services
  • Comprehensive facilities operation and maintenance including electrical, mechanical, structural, plumbing, and HVAC
  • Utilities maintenance and management, including water, sewage, heating plants, and high voltage systems
  • Airfield infrastructure – we operate and maintain a busy and dynamic site that requires meticulous planning and attention to detail, including:
  • Hangars, control towers, offices, simulator buildings, labs, vehicle storage and maintenance facilities, equipment and materials storage areas, utilities buildings, and navigational aid buildings.
  • Operation and maintenance of airport surfaces and grounds

Specialized Products, Project Units, and Services for Airforce

The experience and expertise that Red Sea possesses for the Airforce industry enables us to portray an array of products, project units, and services that specifically apply for each of these sectors.


Services Offered: 

Project Units Applicable:

Accommodation unit, Hospital/clinic/medical facility, Labor camp, Dormitory, Office unit, Dining area, Recreation unit, Kitchen unit, Lavatory unit, Guardhouse, Drill/rig camp, Hotel Unit, School Unit, Generator unit, Reverse osmosis plant, Wastewater treatment unit, Water storage, Water treatment unit, Power generation plant, Relief housing facility, Heavy-duty unit, Diesel tank.

Products Utilized :

Steel Rolling Roughneck, Sitemaster 25 Seaway 10 Series, Sitemaster 25 Seaway Series, Sitemaster 25 Roughneck Series, Steel Roughneck Series, Firemaster 60 Series, Sandwich Panel

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