Helping Defence Departments with Operational Support

The shifting military population is creating demand for new housing on military bases across the globe. These construction projects present a unique set of challenges due to heightened base security, remote locations, and accelerated schedule requirements. 

Some of the world’s top defense departments rely on Red Sea's expertise and capability to deliver turnkey support solutions that keep their military camps as well as airfield and logistics services operating efficiently. We have extensive experience with military projects in challenging locations and extreme climates, across multiple geographies.

Our team of ex-military and experienced operations personnel has the expertise to work in the world’s most difficult and remote environments. More importantly, they understand the unique challenges that deployed forces face, because they’ve been there and done that earlier. Our modular product line is well suited for these types of applications because they are transportable and easily installed. Our services for the Defense sector include engineering & design, site installation, camp operations management and support, utilities management, etc.

Specialized Products, Project Units, and Services for Supporting Defence Organizations

The experience and expertise that Red Sea possesses in supporting Defence Organizations enables us to portray an array of products, project units, and services that specifically apply for each of these sectors.

Services Offered:

Project Units Applicable:

Accommodation unit, Hospital/clinic/medical facility, Labor camp, Dormitory, Office unit, Dining area, Recreation unit, Kitchen unit, Lavatory unit, Guardhouse, Drill/rig camp, Hotel Unit, School Unit, Generator unit, Reverse osmosis plant, Wastewater treatment unit, Water storage, Water treatment unit, Power generation plant, Relief housing facility, Heavy-duty unit, Diesel tank.

Products Utilized :

Steel Rolling Roughneck, Sitemaster 25 Seaway 10 Series, Sitemaster 25 Seaway Series, Sitemaster 25 Roughneck Series, Steel Roughneck Series, Firemaster 60 Series, Sandwich Panel

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