Cost-effective Solutions for Residential Sector

Red Sea has a large portfolio of modular multi-family residential housing unit designs to meet any local need. Whether you need townhomes, duplexes, or larger condominium or apartment designs, our proven designs can slash your engineering and installation costs, and provide you with a quick and accurate construction budget. With our modular solutions, most of your construction costs are locked in, minimizing your exposure to cost overruns and unforeseen expenses.

Our design and engineering team can also take your existing multi-family residential unit design and translate it into a custom modular solution. We can provide you with a quick and accurate construction budget, so you can see how our modular process can impact your bottom line. We are also specialized in constructing quick, affordable housing units. Learn more about our Affordable Housing Division.

When we design accommodation modules to fit together into a residential area, we are able to create container housing that will fit any need.  We design our portable buildings to withstand extreme climatic conditions. In situations where you need to create an entire “township” but none are available, our temporary housing offers turnkey self-contained communities. From field labs, to sleeping accommodation modules, to industrial modules, we make the portable buildings you can use and enjoy.

Specialized Products, Project Units, and Services for Residential Housing segment

The experience and expertise that Red Sea possesses in the Residential Housing segment enables us to portray an array of products, project units, and services that specifically apply for each of these sectors.

Services Offered: 

Project Units Applicable:

Accommodation unit, Hospital/clinic/medical facility, Labor camp, Dormitory, Office unit, Dining area, Recreation unit, Kitchen unit, Lavatory unit, Guardhouse, Drill/rig camp, Hotel Unit, School Unit, Generator unit, Reverse osmosis plant, Wastewater treatment unit, Water storage, Water treatment unit, Power generation plant, Relief housing facility, Heavy-duty unit, Diesel tank.

Products Utilized :

Steel Rolling Roughneck, Sitemaster 25 Seaway 10 Series, Sitemaster 25 Seaway Series, Sitemaster 25 Roughneck Series, Steel Roughneck Series, Firemaster 60 Series, Sandwich Panel

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Residential Housing