Rapid and reliable office solutions

Our tailored office spaces and commercial buildings offer easy installation, incredible portability and secure anchoring to any surface with minimal site preparation. Regardless of the location and climate your job site is in, Red Sea delivers superior modular and mobile office solutions quickly and reliably.

Salient features of our modular offices include: 

  • Flexibility. Our fleet of mobile offices can be relocated to any location in just a matter of weeks to help your business grow anywhere, on time and on budget
  • Durability. Whether you need temporary or long-term solutions, our mobile offices are designed to last
  • Variety. Customize your office with different sizes and floor plans, and our array of parts and accessories. Turn the units into anything from retail storefronts to office complexes

Our modular office spaces are ideal for: 

  • Construction site offices and lunchrooms
  • Special events and meeting rooms
  • Retail or commercial storefronts
  • Joining multiple units into office complexes

Specialized Products, Project Units, and Services for Office construction

The experience and expertise that Red Sea possesses for Office construction enables us to portray an array of products, project units, and services that specifically apply for each of these sectors.

Services Offered:  

Project Units Applicable:

Accommodation unit, Hospital/clinic/medical facility, Labor camp, Dormitory, Office unit, Dining area, Recreation unit, Kitchen unit, Lavatory unit, Guardhouse, Drill/rig camp, Hotel Unit, School Unit, Generator unit, Reverse osmosis plant, Wastewater treatment unit, Water storage, Water treatment unit, Power generation plant, Relief housing facility, Heavy-duty unit, Diesel tank.

Products Utilized :

Steel Rolling Roughneck, Sitemaster 25 Seaway 10 Series, Sitemaster 25 Seaway Series, Sitemaster 25 Roughneck Series, Steel Roughneck Series, Firemaster 60 Series, Sandwich Panel

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