Steel Roughneck Series

Tough, Durable, Dependable


Designed to endure the tough conditions in one of the most environmentally risk-prone areas - the oilfield operations and explorations, these heavy duty units are designed for strength, durability, and flexibility. Mounted on steel master skids that supports 3 standard units, these are built for mobility over any type of terrain, and come with plug and play quick disconnect fittings for power, water, and sewer. It offers you the best value in housing as it is manufactured for longevity to withstand extreme weather conditions. The product variants - Rolling Buildings is a highly mobile unit supplied with heavy duty 22 ton capacity under carriage and the Sitemaster 25 variant is an economic version used for base camps with steel frames and PVC outer wall panels instead of the 2mm steel external corrugated walls.


Manufactured with structural steel framing, 2mm steel external corrugated walls and roof panels, Steel Roughneck Series is available on skids or trailers. The heavy duty unit steel skid provides flexibility and easy relocation from one project to another. With or without master skids, buildings are designed for mobility over any type of terrain (a typical single skid supports 3 standard buildings).

The internal walls and ceilings are clad with non-combustible fire retardant Rockwool insulation of white PVC panels, specially designed and manufactured in our factory to give the highest thermal resistance in the industry, to withstand extreme hot or cold weather conditions. The insulation provides the highest R-values available in the industry making it economical by saving energy costs. The wall and ceiling has smooth and clean interiors. The panels are fire and heat resistant, termite/insect proofed, and do not require painting; making it easy to clean and needing minimal maintenance, and designed to last for 20 years. The variant - Rolling Buildings (Highly Mobile) – is a unit supplied with heavy duty 22 ton capacity under carriage, ready to be relocated from site to site.



Steel Roughneck Series is your best choice for your rig camp housing requirements. It is highly suitable for drilling, seismic and pipeline camp requirements. With the large number of industries and the wide range of products and services that Red Sea has been offering to the market for decades, we are capable of providing our clients with end-end solutions right from design, manufacturing, installation, and fit-out. Our units have been made to adapt to the rough weathers. Our skilled and competent workmanship ensure compliance to stringent project deadlines, with adequate project planning, account management, implementation, and support. We provide clients with quick turnaround with automated processes from CAD design and drafting to computer generated estimation and pricing.



Steel Roughneck rig camps are best supplied as turnkey rig camp housing, complete with furniture and equipment, water and sewer treatment facilities and power generation. Total camp solutions include offices, staff accommodations, recreation halls, laundry rooms, kitchen units, dining areas, ablution units, and clinics.



Red Sea’s commitment to excellence is the key to our continuing success. Made entirely of a durable steel exterior, capable of withstanding any weather conditions and designed to last over 20 years in the toughest environment, the Steel Roughneck series brings best value for money.

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Key Features

  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Panels are fully insulated with fire-retardant Rockwool insulation to withstand hot or cold weather conditions
  • Panels are fire and heat resistant
  • Panels never require painting
  • Panels are easy to clean
  • Insect resistant
  • Steel skids provide flexibility and easy relocation from one project to another


  • Range of dimensions provides flexibility to suit your needs (available in 3m x 6m, 3m x 7m, 3m x 8m, 3m x 9m, 3m x 10m, 3m x 11m, 3m x 12m)
  • Minimal maintenance needs reduce ongoing maintenance requirements and budget.
  • Panels’ insulation value gives the highest R-values in the industry and a big savings in energy costs.
  • Internal walls & ceilings are non-combustible insulated white PVC panels, giving the highest thermal resistance in the industry.


Standard: Skid Frame

  • Heavy Duty Skid Type consisting of two longitudinal 250mm "I"-Beam Sized
  • 150mm "I"-Beam cross-members
  • 610mm or 350mm Extension on either end of building with G.I Grating
  • 100mm BI Steel Pipes at each end for cable wrenching up on truck bed
  • 2 Lifting points at each side (floor and roof) for crane lifting

Rolling: Chassis frame & running gear

  • Heavy Duty Skid Type consisting of two longitudinal members
  • "I"-Beam Skid Sized as required for Building Dimension
  • Cross-members at two intermediate locations
  • 2 Lifting points at each side for crane lifting
  • 22 Ton Axle Set with Desert Travel Tires (11 Ton Axle – 2 sets)
  • Tow hitch with Pentle Eye for towing
  • Dual cranking jack at front of building
  • Stabilizers at rear of building


Base Frame /Floor System

  • Heavy Duty Perimeter Type frame from 100mm x 100mm Box Tubing
  • 50mm x 100mm box steel joists 610mm O.C with bridging
  • 18mm Concrete Board Decking with .05mm steel underbelly
  • 1.5mm Commercial Grade Sheet Vinyl
  • Fiberglass flooring in Common Ablution, Kitchen & Freezer/Chiller Rooms


  • Double 50mm x 100mm Steel Box Corner Posts
  • 50mm x 100mm Columns at each side Roof Top Lifting Points
  • 2mm Corrugated Steel Exterior Panels w/ full welded seams
  • 64mm thick Interior white PVC panels insulated with Rockwool
  • PVC U-Channel Base Trim anchored to floor for interior wall connections and flashings
  • All steel grit blasted, primed and painted with 2-coats Epoxy paint on rolling models


  • Note that all steel components within building structure including walls, beams and skid frame are prepared & coated as follows:
    • Grit Blasted, primed and painted
    • Basecoat : 2-Pack Epoxy Primer
    • Mid & Top Coat : 2-Pack Polyurethane


  • Roofing, 64mm white PVC panels insulated with Rockwool, reinforced with internal metal stud framing as required
  • 50mm x 100mm steel box beams installed at top lifting points & roof perimeter, welded to columns
  • Roof Sealed with 2mm corrugated steel panel with full welded seams
  • Additional ceiling beams installed as required ensuring O.C. maximum spacing

Doors Exterior

  • Exterior doors - 32” x 80” steel doors with insulated core, complete with frame, threshold, weather stripping, nylon bungee cords, door closer, heavy duty lever type lockset and heavy duty hinges

Doors Interior

  • Interior doors are 30” x 80” standard size with 24” x 80” for baths. Doors are prefinished hardboard exterior with honeycomb core, complete with cylindrical & privacy lockset


  • Aluminum Framed, vertical sliding window, 25” x 27” standard all rooms
  • All windows weather sealed and provided with removable insect screen


  • Voltage, Phase and Hz as per Customer requirements
  • Copper stranded wires to all devices and fixtures with grounding system
  • Interior fluorescent Light fixtures as required
  • Weatherproof Incandescent Light at each exterior door
  • Quick Disconnect exterior connectors on all panel boards


  • All piping is supplied in Metric sizes and in accordance with modular camp building practices, surface mounted throughout
  • Hot and Cold Water supply piping CPVC Spec DIN 8079/8080
  • Drain Piping UPVC BS 4514
  • Good Quality Fittings and Fixtures located as shown on Drawings
  • Water heaters American manufactured, sized as required
  • Metric to imperial coupling adaptors @ water & sewer connections can be provided if required and available upon request