Sitemaster 25 Series

Sustainable, Economic, Safe


Sitemaster Series is an innovative and unique product, suitable for residential and commercial housing projects. It is designed for longevity with composite wall and roof panels, fully insulated with Rockwool for thermal resistance and fire retardation. It is built to be sustainable and economical and lasts a minimum of 25 years in any climate conditions – heat or cold, with minimal maintenance, as it never needs painting.

Several features of the Sitemaster series not found in other prefabricated products:

  • Ø Flame spread
  • Fast and easy construct
  • Water resistant
  • Rust resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Insect or termite resistant.



Sitemaster 25 Series is a unique kind of product because the panels are specially manufactured in our own factory. Additionally, the surface of the wall panels are PVC. That is why it is so revolutionary and innovative, the very first of its kind in the prefabricated industry. Sitemaster-25 Series is atypical to many other prefabricated building are:

  • Fast & easy to construct
  • Ø Flame spread
  • Water resistant
  • Rust resistant
  • Low Maintenance (NEVER NEEDS PAINTING)
  • Easy to clean
  • Cannot be eaten by termites or other insects
  • Economical
  • Low shipping costs


The Sitemaster 25 Roughneck is specially designed to meet the tough conditions experienced in the oilfield operation and exploration. This heavy duty unit has steel skid which provide flexibility and easy relocation from one project to another. It is highly suitable for extreme climates.

The PVC panels are specially manufactured in Red Sea factory, thereby giving us control over the quality of our products. The panels are toxic free, thus safe for people and environment. The wall & ceiling are fully insulated to withstand hot and cold weather conditions. When required, our factory operates round the clock to ensure deadlines are met.

The wall & ceiling of Sitemaster 25 Series exude smooth and clean effect, thereby producing a comfortable feeling. With an insulation value of the panels, you get the highest R-values available in the industry, thereby tremendous savings on electricity.


Sitemaster 25 Series is suitable for residential and commercial housing projects. These buildings are best supplied turnkey, complete with furniture and equipment, as well as water and sewer treatment and power generation facilities.

Clients are assured that each and every Sitemaster 25 Series building that goes out of the production line is produced in a controlled factory environment, has undergone rigid quality control and testing procedures to ensure uniformity and quality of product.

Wherever your requirements are, we have probably been there before. We know the conditions you will encounter and your buildings will be designed accordingly.

Red Sea’s commitment to excellence is the key to our continuing success. Sitemaster 25 Series has variety of applications, whether permanent or temporary. It is suitable for site offices, staff accommodations, kitchen/dining facilities, recreation areas, ablution/shower units, hospitals/clinics and schools.


Red Sea Housing Services can provide you turnkey solutions and build you a complete camp with all the necessary facilities, like camp offices, staff accommodation, dining and kitchen areas, recreation and gym rooms, ablution and shower units, power generation units and sewer and treatment facilities

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Key Features

  • Designed to handle extreme climates
  • Suitable for oilfield drilling and exploration projects


  • Heavy duty steel construction for durability and rigid design
  • Stackable design utilizes ISO corner blocks for 2 story configurations
  • Offers increased building widths compared to standard ISO containers for design flexibility
  • Fully erected in the factory for ease of site setup of remote camps
  • Buildings can be interconnected for design flexibility
  • Suitable for mobile or permanent camps facilities

Floor System


  • 64mm thick Interior white PVC panels insulated with Rockwool
  • Window and A/C openings reinforced with metal stud framing as required
  • PVC U-channel Base Trim anchored to floor for interior wall connection
  • PVC Interior & Exterior Trim Moldings
  • PVC door & window casing
  • Exterior wals secured to fully welded flat bar, installed on base frame with coarse thread self tapping screws


  • Roofing, 64mm PVC panel capped by Trim Flashings at eaves
  • Reinforced with internal metal stud framing as required
  • Pre-finished TP-25 Steel Roofing
  • Ridge cap, 400mm pre-finished TP-25 profiled
  • Steel Beam installed at center line Ridge and where structurally required throughout building
  • Additional ceiling beams installed as required O.C maximum spacing Concrete Fllor (To Be Supplied by Customer)
  • 100mm thick concrete slab, reinforced with deformed steel reinforcing bars conforming to ASTM
  • 300mm x 400mm perimeter concrete beam reinforced with deformed steel reinforcing bars conforming to ASTM standards
  • Ceramic Tile Floor Finish

Modular Floor

  • Heavy Duty Perimeter Type frame from 100mm x 100mm Box Tubing with intermediate cross runners
  • 50mm x 100mm steel box joists 610mm with bridging
  • All Steel Grit Blasted primed and painted with Epoxy paint to prevent corrosion
  • 18mm Concrete Board Decking
  • 1.5mm Commercial Grade Sheet Vinyl (Upgraded Carpet available upon request)
  • Fiberglass flooring in Common Ablutions, Kitchen, Chiller Rooms

Doors Exterior

  • Exterior doors - 32” x 80” Steel doors with insulated core, complete with Frame Weather Stripping, nylon bungee cord, door closer, heavy duty cylindrical lockset and hinges

Doors Interior

  • Interior doors - 30” x 80” standard size with 24” x 80” for baths. Doors are prefinished hardboard exterior with honeycomb core, complete with cylindrical lockset & privacy lockset


  • Aluminum Framed, vertical sliding window, 25” x 27” standard all rooms
  • All windows are weather sealed and provided with removable insect screen


  • Voltage, Phase and Hz as per Customer Requirements
  • All copper stranded wire surface mounted inside PVC trunking
  • Surface mounted convenience outlets are universal type, able to receive various types of electrical plugs
  • Electrical panel supplied to customer requirements
  • Interior incandescent or fluorescent lighting fixtures as required
  • Weatherproof Incandescent Light at each exterior door


  • All piping is supplied in Metric sizes and in accordance with modular camp building practices, surface mounted throughout
  • Hot and Cold Water supply piping CPVC Spec DIN 8079/8080
  • Drain Piping UPVC BS 4514
  • Good Quality Fittings and Fixtures located as shown on Drawings
  • Water heaters American Manufactured, sized as required
  • Metric to Imperial coupling adaptors @ water & sewer connections can be provided if required and available upon request