School and Training Facilities

Lively Class Rooms, Motivating School Units, Equipped Training Rooms


Red Sea offers extensive design and build services, for the construction of new schools, classroom blocks, drama/music studios, laboratories, sports/assembly/games halls, nursery units and student accommodation, and a range of other ancillary accommodation needs and external works. We are committed to supporting education institutions in creating modern and attractive new accommodation with state-of-the-art facilities for learning and physical activity.

We are committed to ensuring absolute health and safety is achieved on all of our construction projects, particularly with the sensitivities on live and operational school sites. 

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Key Features

  • Available as permanent, temporary, or movable classrooms and schools units
  • Linked classrooms or multi-story teaching block complete with offices, catering facilities and accommodation
  • Vast range of colors and cladding options for maximum effect and style, creating a fun learning environment


  • Flexibility for permanent and temporary options
  • Mobility can be provided if desired
  • Provides a learning environment