Power Generation Plant

Creating sustainable power

Red Sea designs and builds smart power plants to provide industry-leading energy efficiency and operational flexibility. Power plants can be configured to suit any power need, from steady baseload generation to ultra-fast, zero-emission, non-spinning grid reserve for any contingency situation.

We provide complete power generation and distribution solutions designed to requirements, from 20KVA to multiple auto-synchronized generation sets of 250KVA or more. Distribution boards, cables, and end-user facilities are designed according to the Plug-and-Play principle to facilitate redeployment. These generator sets feature fully weatherproofed enclosures that incorporate internally mounted exhaust silencers, making them ideal for providing a comfortable, and peaceful use

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Key Features

  • Quick response and delivery of turnkey power packages.
  • Sturdy Caterpillar generators.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Dependable and reliable during emergency and unplanned outages.
  • Acoustically packaged in containers.
  • Weatherproofed enclosures.
  • Automatic transfer switch.
  • Varied sizes as per power generating capacity.
  • Double bunded environmentally friendly fuel tanks and fuel management.
  • Turnkey power generation during planned shutdowns or maintenance.
  • Rental power packages for man-camp sites.
  • Ease of installation, connection, and maintenance.



  • Energy efficient
  • Operational and fuel flexible
  • Dependable and reliable