Office Unit

Red Sea's multiple-unit modular container structures act like building blocks that allow customers to build multi-storey or single floor office spaces, by stacking and placing the units, side by side or one over the other. Using multi-unit components to make up a single building not only increases the amount of modular area available on a given site footprint, it also keeps everyone working together under one roof and trims installation costs.

With fast construction, and an extensive range of temporary and permanent stackable office trailers, our products enable customers to custom-built their office space in any remote part of the world irrespective of the socio-economic-political and environmental situations. 

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Key Features

  • Multi-storey office space construction
  • Custom-built to different shape and sizes as per the need 



  • Stackable
  • Mobile and portable
  • Fast construction
  • Flexible design with stackable units that can be laid one over the other or adjacent to each other
  • Permenant or temporary construction
  • Sturdy against any weather conditions