Multi-Level Steel Frame Modular Buildings

Innovative, Sustainable, Cost Effective



Time is money and modular construction can save on both; quick occupancy = quicker return on investment.

Modular construction is an innovative building technique that dramatically reduces construction time and delivers factory-fitted quality and consistency. The factory environment ensures that all elements of the module are constructed to hotel brand standards, using approved materials, fixtures and furnishings.

Modular construction is an affordable answer to rising construction costs. Rooms that need to be built to a formulaic standard are easily achieved. The processes and construction are planned, unaffected by adverse weather or scarcity of materials, and tended to by a highly trained team of professionals. The building owner/architect approval also can be easily managed, with model rooms signed-off for brand compliance in advance of mass production.

For over four decades, Red Sea has been utilizing modular construction techniques to deliver complex, integrated workforce housing solutions in over 65 countries around the world. Now, for the first time, hotel clients in this region can take advantage of this vast experience combined with the advantages of modular construction to gain time and cost savings.

Let Red Sea be the modular building supplier for your next building project.



The Red Sea modular construction system is based on hot rolled structural steel frames and floors. The result is a superior product that can be built up to ten levels.

Red Sea can either:

  • Provide a complete modular building solution incorporating rooms, stair/lifts, back of house, restaurants, conference rooms and foyers or,
  • Supply room modules only, to be installed on a conventional site-built concrete basement/podium.

The modules can be clad externally with aluminum composite panels, rendered concrete finishes or any other cladding to provide a robust and durable long term solution.

The flooring system incorporates a concrete slab and is designed to reduce noise transfer and increase thermal insulation for all round peace and comfort.

Due to the nature of modular construction, all design and costings are developed early in the project with a fixed price contract. The ability to control manufacturing in the factory and remove delays often caused onsite by weather, damage, theft, and labor and material shortages is a definite benefit to delivering on time and on budget.



The Red Sea modular construction system delivers high quality finishes and building performance standards in excess of traditional site construction and:

  • Meets all relevant building codes for the location including fire rated separations
  • Renders superior thermal and moisture protection with higher quality insulation and improved airtightness
  • Reduces sound transmission significantly – each module is a separate structure and there is no direct sound transmission from room to room
  • Provides stronger and more robust structures than conventional framing that withstands road and sea transportation, craning and vibration
  • Improves sustainability due to less site disruption, less site pollution, recycling and less job-site waste, less site transport movements, and significantly improved energy performance of the building
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Key Features

  • Sustainable, quality and cost effective turnkey solutions
  • Economy of scale through repetitive manufacture 
  • Robust structural units that are connected onsite
  • Direct access for designers and engineers from office to the factory
  • Efficient inspections and approvals in the factory, minimising onsite punch-list defects
  • High level of quality control and an ability to maintain accurate and optimal tolerances
  • Adaptable for future extensions, and able to be dismantled easily and moved if required


  • Improved workplace safety and working conditions
  • Increased labor skill levels and training opportunities
  • Faster construction time (up to 40% quicker than traditional methods)
  • Access to locations where site construction is prohibitive
  • Excellent acoustic insulation
  • Limited disruption around the construction site
  • Increased security of goods and materials
  • Lower costs to fund due to reduced construction costs and earlier opening dates – facilitating quicker returns on investment

Structural System

  • Welded hot rolled structural steel framing system.
  • Optional concrete floor slab or structural board flooring.
  • Carpet and ceramic tile finish as required.

Interior Walls

  • Cold rolled steel wall studs.
  • Rockwool insulation to relevant thermal specifications.
  • Fire rated gypsum or MGO board with painted finish. 

External Cladding

  • Waterproof cement board to external module for transport.
  • Aluminum composite panel, rendered concrete or any other cladding material applied onsite.


  • PEX piping.
  • UPVC drain piping.
  • Water heaters sized as required.


  • Aluminum or UPVC framed windows to specification.
  • Weather sealed.


  • Cold rolled steel rafters.
  • Rockwool insulation to relevant thermal specification.
  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roof sheeting applied onsite.
  • Parapet walls, gutters and down pipes as required.


  • Voltage, phase and Hz as per location specification.
  • Load centers as required.
  • Outlet sockets to be provided to specification.
  • All wires concealed through wall and roof cavities.
  • Low voltage LED down lights as required.
  • Ventilation fans as required.
  • Mono-bloc air conditioning units included, requiring no external compressor, or other as required. 


  • High quality fittings and finishes including stone vanity bench tops, veneer cabinets, floor to ceiling ceramic tiles in bathrooms etc.
  • Door hardware and opening / security system to specification., phase and Hz as per specification. 


  • Red Sea are able to source and include all loose furniture (beds, tables, chairs etc.), window
    furnishings, safes, closets, desks, TV’s, appliances etc. as per specification.