Hospital/Clinic/Medical Facilities

Attending to the Medical Needs of Workers


Red Sea understands the need for taking care of the medical requirements in these remote areas where time is of essence. For this reason our rapidly deployed modular buildings are highly suited for use as clinics, hospital wards, dispensaries, laboratories and consulting rooms.


From hospitals and medical centres that require treatment space to clinics, our comprehensive prefabricated building solutions let you take care of the needs of your employees with appropriate care. Buildings can be constructed as permanent structures or can be supplied as mobile, relocatable units.

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Key Features

  • Available as permanent and mobile structure
  • Insulation against harsh outside environment
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean panels
  • Reduced onsite construction assuring quality control
  • Medical furniture and equipment supply



  • Rapid construction
  • Ease of mobility and relocation
  • High level of comfort
  • Increased protection from tough weather
  • Low maintenance
  • High quality and hygienic standards