Drill/Rig/Labor Camps

Ultimate Comfort and Complete functionality for Drill/Rig/Labour Camps


At remote drilling/offshore rig sites, the comfort and functionality of your office or operations center can make all the difference. Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS) has designed and manufactured dozens of Drill/Rig Camp custom units developed specifically for the task and environment of each client.

We have extensive experience in designing and supplying modular cabins as well as building new accommodation areas for drilling camps/offshore living quarters.  Our solutions are tailored to suit every customer’s unique needs that can include all necessary structural and technical modifications, or it can be limited to interior modifications. Our manufacturing plants features fully integrated, end-to-end manufacturing and production processes. This allows us to create holistic solutions for our clients and the people using our units.


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Key Features

  • Drilling Control Centers and Mechanical Control Centers
  • Executive Sleeper Units
  • Staff Quarters
  • Integrated Wellsite Systems, Suite Wellsite Units
  • Engineer/Geologist/Laboratory Wellsite Units
  • Single-occupancy units
  • Exploration Quarters



  • Flexible to accommodate the varying needs for different rig camps
  • Robust construction to suit the extreme weather conditions
  • Constructed for easy maintenance