Medical Centre for Energy Company, InterOil

Bespoke, Equipped Medical Centre for Energy Company, InterOil in Papua New Guinea

Red Sea delivered a medical facility to support any minor injuries and illnesses at Herds Base, Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. Being a medical facility required Red Sea to ensure and adhere to the health and safety guidelines. The project had a tight timeframe for completion. We endured many environmental challenges with this project including rain and humidity due to the location of the project.


Quick facts:

  • Industry: Building & Construction
  • Customer: InterOil
  • Project: InterOil Medical Centre
  • Location: Herds Base, Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
  • Timeline: 24 months

Since its founding in 1997, InterOil has grown to become a significant regional energy company and, as important, a trusted partner to communities, business, and the Government of Papua New Guinea. InterOil employs about 1100 people in Papua New Guinea, ranging from experts in drilling and logistics to community relations specialists. InterOil employees include skilled managers, mechanics and engineers, and construction workers. The great majority are locally hired, and they in turn support thousands of family members.

The project was a 24-month operational lease of a medical facility. Due to the location of the project, the units had to be transported by barge and craned onsite to the ground utilising InterOil’s onsite crane. This crane was used to unload and support installation, effectively reducing the logistic costs. InterOil catered and accommodated Red Sea crews during the installation process and ensured they were well looked after given the harsh working conditions.

Key Challenges:

  • Stringent health and safety standards
  • Strict project timelines
  • Challenging environment including the humidity, and rain
  • Remote location
  • Logistical

Highlights of the project:


  • Bespoke project requiring compliance of end-to-end medical and health directives
  • Transportation of the units via barge due to the peculiarity of the location
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Adjustable Seaway series for future expansion
  • Quick turnover in less than 24 months

Services Offered:

Products Utilized:

  •  SeawaySeries

Project Units  Implemented: