MDC/OPI International, Angola

MDC/OPI International Provides Total Residential Infrastructure at Cabinda, Angola

Malembo Development Centre (MDC)is a 141 hectare, master-planned, phased development, designed to supply support services to the Oil and Gas industry in Cabinda. MDC was created from an existing joint venture operation in Angola between OPERATEC Lda. (Operatec) and OPI International (OPI) to specifically develop and manage the MDC (Angola) Lda and to leverage the assets, experience and track records of OPERATEC and OPI.

Quick facts:

  • Industry: Building & Construction > Residential Housing
  • Customer: MDC/OPI International Ltd.
  • Project: MDC Compound and 1,440 Man Camp (Phase 1 & 2)MDC/OPI International Ltd.
  • Location: Cabinda, Angola
  • Completion Date: Phase 1 is completed on 2013. Phase 2 is expected to be completed on April 2015.

MDC (Angola) required a turnkey solution for 1440Man Accommodation/Residential Facilities, readyfor- occupancy for various key players from oil and gas market in this exclave territory. The facility needed to be equipped with all utilities, technology, and health and leisure amenities.

Key Challenges:

  • Climate variable (humidity) tested the design of our provided building and facilities
  • Utilization of local labor content amidst the scarcity of trades in the region in the construction of the residential buildings and facilities
  • Compliance with National Electrical Code (NEC)

Highlights of the project:

  • The location is an exclave and tropical forest region separated from Angola by a narrow territorial strip belongs to Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Comprehensive infrastructure that includes communications, logistical, laundry, medical and recreational services
  • Building and facilities tested for climate variance
  • Environmental codes and industry practices are met or exceeded throughout the facility

Services Offered:

Products Utilized:

  • Sitemaster 25 Series

Project Units  Implemented: