Man Camps for Griffiths Energy (Glencore)

Self-sustainable Man Camps for Griffiths Energy (Glencore) at Chad

Griffith Energy, a Canada-basedcompany, entered Chad’s upstream oilsector signing three production sharingcontracts.Chad produces around 105,000 barrels of oil per day. Griffith Energy ishaving oil production from Badila and Mangara discoveries. The company ispresently ownedby Glencore, one of world’s largest diversified natural resource companies, and a major producer and marketer of over 90 commodities worldwide. 

Quick facts:

  • Industry: Infrastructure Power & Energy
  • Customer:  Glencore - Griffiths Energy
  • Project: Central Processing Facility (CPF) Camp (188 Man) & GST Camp (188 Man) Glencore - Griffiths Energy
  • Location: Badila and Mangara, Chad
  • Completion Date: Project completed January 2013

Oil exploration and production and the sale of such production depends on adequate infrastructure.Griffith Energy (now part of Glencore), required to provide its workforce with a convenient accommodation facility, that provided reliable power, and water supplies, which are important determinants that ensure a comfortable living condition.


Key Challenges:

  • Construction of camp site facilities on a remote location
  • Landlocked location
  • Inadequate infrastructural support systems in the country
  • Self-sustainable camps
  • Compliance with International Building Code (IBC)

Highlights of the project:


  • Successfully built 188 Man CPF and 188 Man GST Camps for Griffith Energy
  • Camps were self-sustainable being equipped with water treatment and distribution, waste water and sewage treatment plants, power generation unit, communication units, power generation and distribution systems
  • Stringent client requirements and compliance to International Building Code (IBC)

Services Offered:

Products Utilized:

  •  Sitemaster-25 Seaway Series

Project Units  Implemented: