Sustainability Strategy

Our vision is to be the most highly respected company in the modular industry by providing our clients with the highest possible quality of service and through sustainable, profitable growth. We will continue to build on our strengths and further develop our areas of expertise for the benefit of all associated with the company and its activities. Red Sea is committed to addressing sustainability through a responsible approach to economic, environmental and social issues and:

  • To increase profitability by making more efficient use of resources, including labour, materials, water and energy.
  • To minimise, where we have responsibility or can influence the design on a project, any negative environmental impact of our operations through effective waste management, appropriate choice of materials and careful consideration of design.
  • To provide leadership and raise awareness of sustainability in our workforce, members of our supply chain, our clients and other stakeholders and to encourage participation in meeting our goals.
  • To continue to support local communities through opportunities for employment, interaction with schools, liaison and support for local wellbeing, contributing to local charities and voluntary organisations where appropriate.
  • To continue to develop and train all our employees to raise their aspirations and to meet the future demands of the business and individuals.
  • To achieve greater sustainability year on year and to this end each business unit will develop a strategy setting out objectives and targets against these aims.

At Red Sea, we consider how all elements of a building’s design work together to meet the needs of its owners, occupants, and the environment. We believe that it is only by considering the total building design that we can create buildings that are efficient with resources, affordable to build and operate, good to inhabit, and appropriate to their context.

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