Reaching Out to People in the Most Distant Locations

Red Sea is proud to be able to work and reach out to people in the most remote locations especially when supporting governments at the advent of natural calamities requiring emergency accommodation services. We work with relief agencies to provide support through schools, clinics, and permanent and mobile homes, in the most remote, poor, and hostile environments. One example of this is La Ollennu Basic School in Accra, where Red Sea donated a 4-classroom school to benefit children’s education in Ghana.

A step forward in social welfare is our venture into the affordable housing market. Understanding the vast need for affordable housing on a global scale in distant inaccessible locations, we recognize the incredible social benefit that it brings to society. We hope our actions will enable to improve the state of the world, by providing a comfortable living to the destitute. Learn more about our Affordable Housing division.

Our Modular division delivers a range of camp utilities including stormwater management capabilities and wastewater treatment. Putting an example of staying accountable and taking responsibility for the quality and grade for the products we manufacture, we operate in facilities that are retrofit built outs of our own products. We stand examples for its strength, durability, flexibility, and functionality. Learn more about our Industrial Housing division.

Our Building Materials division is committed to managing our environmental footprint through the design and manufacturing of eco-friendly products. We support our customer’s objectives towards sustainability by improving the eco-efficiency of our manufacturing process, products, and implementation, maintaining high standards of quality, reliability, and efficiency. Learn more about our Building Materials division.

We always strive to conserve natural resources, controlling the wastage of water, fuel, wood, and construction materials. With an approach to create products that conserve and recycle water and sewage, and use it for building an eco-friendly environment in remote locations, we take a step ahead to go-green by our innovative product of modularized sewage treatment plant that can be implemented in all these remote locations. Learn more about our water and sewage treatment plant.

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Corporate Social Responsibility