Bechtel Australia Gets 1100 Man Camp

Bechtel Australia Gets 1100 Man Camp Complete with Supply Facilities at Guinea

Bechtel is one of the most respected global engineering, project management, and construction companies, and a cornerstone of innovation in the industry. Bechtel has completed Australian projects that have helped grow the nation. Guinea is the world’s second largest producer of bauxite, which is its primary export, representing 90% of the country’s overall exports. Sangarédi is mining town and sub-prefecture in western Guinea, where bauxite is mined.

Bechtel Australia Pty. Ltd required to supply and install a 1,100 man camp in the mining town of Sangarédi, Guinea. The project required a camp that is complete with kitchen, dining, recreation, ablution, and medical facilities.

Red Sea was able to engineer, procure and construct for the 1100 Man Camp for Bechtel Australia Pty. Ltd, working with limited resources in terms of manpower and required equipment. Despite the complexity in logistics, due to the remote location, We built comfortable living quarters required for the Bechtel-Guinea mining project, en suite with kitchen and dining hall, recreation room with games tables and lounge chairs, ablution and lavatory facilities, and medical centres. 

Quick facts:

  • Industry: Mining
  • Customer:  Bechtel-Guinea
  • Project: Supply and installation of 1,100 man camp Bechtel Australia Pty. Ltd
  • Location: Sangaredi, Guinea
  • Completion Date: Project completed January 2009


Key Challenges:

  • Limited manpower and equipment
  • Remote location
  • Complex logistics
  • Stringent compliance with International Building Code (IBC)

Highlights of the project:

  • 1100 Man Camp
  • Site Master 25 series accommodation building with camp supply facilities
  • Training of 120 locals as part of the project to cope with limited resource availability
  • Compliance to International Building Code (IBC) Regulations, and standards
  • Project completed on time in spite of the remoteness of the location.

Services Offered:

Products Utilized:

  • Sitemaster 25 Series
  • Sitemaster 25 Seaway Series

Project Units  Implemented: